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             Turki AL-Hamad once said in AL-Sharq AL-Awsat newspaper that most leaders and people of the world despise war and no one asks for it and whoever does is without a doubt an unbalanced person. I completely agree with Turki AL-Hamad because there is absolutely nothing good about war. When war enters a country, this country will only face very horrible consequences. War has very bad affects on both the land and the people. .
             War is the most horrible thing that could ever happen to a country. It completely destroys the country's land. When war really happens destruction will be everywhere; buildings will be destroyed and all historical places will vanish. Another thing about war is earth or land pollution. The land gets polluted because of the weapons that are used in the war, for example, the chemicals used in weapons like uranium and landmines go deep into the soil and effect or destroy plantations. War also causes water pollution like if an oil tank explodes at sea the oil would spread in the water killing all the animals and creatures of the sea, and this is exactly what happened in the gulf war, and all of these things cause a massive impairment of country resources.
             War effects people in many ways; it causes death, injury, and loss of liberty, grief, personal hardship and discomfort. A lot of people die and get injured in war this fact and the possibility of loosing your liberty and the country's independency brings a great feeling of grief and sorrow to all people. The people will become miserable and they will no longer enjoy or celebrate anything. War also causes poverty; the numbers of the poor during war increase incredibly. In war, we always here the word refuges; they are people that leave their country during the war looking for better conditions but they usually don't find anywhere to go to, so they suffer from poverty and hunger.

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