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Canada, America and the War of 1812

            The War of 1812 was a war fought between the United States and Great-Britain, at the time Canada was colonized by the British and was invaded by the Americans multiple times throughout the war. The war lasted from 1812-1814, and begun due to decades of tension between the two forces. Most of the tension originated from the Revolutionary War, where Great-Britain employed war methods that simply aggravated the United States. The British use of impressment had a huge effect on the start of the war, for the British it provided them with the necessary amount of men to fight the war and man their ships. This frustrated the Americans because the British had American-born men working their ships. There is no widely agreed on winner to the war as it is still a very controversial topic, but if I had to decide it seemed that Canada prevailed. Even though the British colonized Canada at the time and fought against the Americans they abandoned their Aboriginal friends just as they had done many times before. The use of impressment by the British was detrimental to their powerful stand throughout the War of 1812. This war in particular was important because it was the only battle that Canada formally beat the United States. The war is not very well known in American history because it has baffled many as to who won the war and why did it start. I was also very interested in who came out on top, (Berton).
             The War of 1812 was a war that started due to many reasons, one of which was poor communication. Also the fact that the British cut off American trade routes. The war had taxing effects on all those involved. The most prevalent reasons for the start of the war are as follows:.
             1. The British not respecting American Sovereignty by violating the terms of the Treaty of Paris.
             2. The British blocking American trade routes and capturing American ships along with members of the American Navy.
             3. The British impressment of American Navy members.

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