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Canadian Victory in the War of 1812

            The War of 1812 was a major conflict between the Canadians and the Americans in North America. The Americans were trying to stop the British from taking advantage of them and they wanted to expand their territory. The Canadians were simply trying to stop the American invasion and protect their land. It is widely debated who won the war. The Americans believe they won because the British left them alone after the war, and the victory at New Orleans was a symbol of victory for them. The Canadians believe they won because they successfully stopped the Americans from invading and defended their homeland. However, the Canadians were the victors because they accomplished their goal and they won more battles. The Canadians had far better leadership then the Americans thanks to General Isaac Brock and Tecumseh. They were a huge advantage to the Canadians and were a big reason why they won the war. The Canadians were better in battle with their strategies and were smarter on the battlefield. Finally, the Aboriginals fought alongside the Canadians because they felt the Canadians would treat them better. They were a huge factor throughout the war and helped the Canadians to victory. The Canadians were the clear victors in the War of 1812 due to strong leadership from General Isaac Brock and Tecumseh, intelligent strategies and the aboriginal alliance.
             The Canadians had two great leaders who helped them win the War of 1812. The two great heroes of the war who are still remembered today are General Isaac Brock and Tecumseh. General Isaac Brock was born in England and was sent to Canada to protect the British lands in North America. Brock did not want to be in Canada and he would have rather been in England. However, he wanted to prove himself in Canada to show his greatness to the British. This motivated him to do well in North America so that he could be sent back to Europe to fight there. He needed to prove himself worthy of fighting in Europe.

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