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Korean war

            The Korean War is a war that many people will never forget. All wars in American history fought before the Korean War was based on either national survival or the gain of territory. A strong conflict was created between the Soviet Union and the United States. The conflict was so strong that wars were fought in the midst of this cold war. The Korean War was the first American war that was not fought for national survival, for territory, for manifest destiny or for hegemony. "Korea was the first ideological war."(1).
             The American Revolution was based on national survival. The people of the thirteen colonies wanted a nation in which they were free of Britain's tyranny. They wanted to live as an independent nation and survive as one. The American Civil War was another national survival. President Lincoln had the point that if was the unsuccessful or was pushed in the right direction then the nation would be divided into the north and south. World War One was fought as a result of both the gain of territory and national survival. Austria Hungary was expanding into western parts of Russia and Northern Italy. It was also conquering the nations to the east and taking control of their governments. The Allied powers sought to stop this expansion and war broke out in Europe. The United States then sent troops to assist France and Great Britain in the conflict. At the end of world war one, Austria Hungary was divided up, its territory formed many new nations. In world war two, much of the same circumstances were present with events that contributed to the escalation of the war, and the involvement of the United States. Germany, under the rule of Hitler was expanding very slowly across Europe. They took land to the east and west of them, took over many of the new nations created by the Versailles Treaty, as well as disregarding many laws passed during the .
             Versailles Treaty. As the war continued, France was taken over, and Stalin gave Germany a large area of land that belonged to Russia when the country withdrew from the war.

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