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The Korean War

             It started on June 25, 1950 and ended on July 27, 1953. It was a dispute between North and South Korea (Forty 1). One of the main reasons for war was that South Korea was an anti-communist country while South Korea was a Communist county. The war left Korea in a state of shock and devastation. It took time and effort to overcome the impacts of the Korean War and to create a livable country; citizens are still working on the "rebirth" of North and South Korea. The president at the time of the Korean War was Harry Truman. The war began in South Korea on the 38th parallel. The U.S. was also involved in the Korean War along with other countries the United States also contributed to the reconstruction of South Korea. This war was also known as the biggest war of the modern era (Rees 2). By the end of the war 1.3 million South Koreans, 1 million Chinese, 500,000 Northern Korean's, 54,000 Americans were dead (Rees 4). Some of the out comes of the war were: Soviet forces surrendered to South Korea, North Korea became a "Soviet Client State," and South Korea was now backed up by the United States (education.1 Yahoo). But the long lasting effects were much greater. The war affected the country, the people, and the nation. The devastation that came along with the destruction was much more powerful then words could express.
             The effects of the Korean War are hard to understand if you are not familiar with the tension going on between North and South Korea before this eruption. To start it is .
             imperative to realize that tension between South Korea and North Korea had been going on before Word War 2. Its geographical nature places it in the middle. Korea is sitting between China, Japan, and Russia. It is sometimes called, "The Land Bridge," between China and Japan (Rees 1-2). Like is said before, there has been tension between this cluster of countries for quite a while, even before the Korean War occurred.

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