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Notes on the Korean War

             As World War II was concluded, the Soviets and Americans made an agreement to divide Japanese occupied Korea into two regions: North and South. All Japanese troops North of the 38th parallel surrendered to the Soviets and all Japanese troops South of the 38th parallel surrendered to the Americans. This division hence created North Korea and South Korea. North Korea became a communist state after having already elected a pro-communist assembly. South Korea became a democratic state for listening to the guidance of the United Nations Temporary Commission.
             The Invasion of South Korea (1950).
             On June 25, 1950, after months of military buildup and consultation with the Soviet Union, the North Korean military crossed the 38th parallel to officially invade South Korea. They planned to take over South Korea in three weeks but the United States sent assistance just two days after the invasion. The Soviets did not anticipate American involvement and a three-year war between communist and democratic state begun. .
             Battle of Inchon (1950).
             Led by General Douglas MacArthur, the Battle of Inchon helped to turn the tides of the war and give the United States the edge. This battle was a surprise attack on the port city of Inchon. The poor landing site, speedy currents, and dangerous tides were all reasons why the enemy never expected an attack on that location. North Korea's supplies being depleted made the timing of the attack impeccable. The defeat in this battle forced the North Koreans to move north of the 38th parallel hence taking the war into North Korean territory with ambitions of uniting Korea as a democratic state. .
             Chinese Intervention (1950).
             Chinese Communists destroyed any hope of a quick U.S victory when China entered the Korean War on November 25, 1950. On this day, 300,000 Chinese soldiers attacks South Korean and U.S positions. By November 26, Chinese were launching a series of simultaneous attacks over a 25 mile front.

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