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War on Iraq

             The war with Iraq was instigated by the attacks on America on Sept 11th. The attacks on America caused a fear of terrorism that had to be dealt with. Since going after the actual terrorists would have been a long and frustrating process, President Bush decided that the next best thing would be to go after places that harbor terrorism. Saddam Hussein had created a safe house for terrorists where they were able to gather and unite. I feel that this is the main reason why we invaded Iraq. The United States had to prove that acts of terror and harboring terrorism would no longer be tolerated. I feel than that we used the war with Iraq as a global example of what the consequences would be if such cases of terrorism come up again. Although arguments can be made about the reasons why we should not have been involved, I strongly feel that it was the right action taken. .
             President Bush had said that one of the main reasons for this war was to spread Democracy and bring peace into Iraq. One of the United States main objectives was to seize power from Saddam and give it back to its people. Saddam was known as an evil dictator by his people, and it was his corrupt government that ultimately caused his downfall. The United States has tried to use Iraq to inspire the spread of Democracy throughout the Islamic world. It was our hope to use Iraq as a stepping stone for other third world countries to convert to Democracy. It is my belief that Iraq and its people will be better off without Saddam in power. The United States have been helping to rebuilt the government of Iraq since taking control and eventually plan on leaving after a strong democratic government is in place. .
             President Bush also stated that cleaning up actions of evil was a reason for invading Iraq. By this the President meant that terrorism would not be tolerated. We must remember that this was a war inspired by a war on terrorism. These actions of evil refer to all of the policies that Iraq believed in that posed a threat to our way of life and a threat to Democracy as we know it.

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