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War on Iraq

             President George Bush is seeking United Nation help from other countries, this due to the fact that Iraq is in great need of organization and leadership. The United States of America decided to go into Iraq without support from the United Nations. Also, going into Iraq without adequate proof that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction caused America to seem unjustified in going to war. All these things cause the United States not to be justified in going to war with Iraq. One reason why the United Nations was founded was so that each and every country would help keep each other in line with everyone else. This was a way that everyone could check and balance each another. However, going to war with Iraq without the support of the United Nations said that the United States will do whatever it wants on its own no matter if they had the consent of the others or not. No one has seen pictures or any other form of evidence to prove that Iraq was storing weapons of mass destruction. Furthermore, the United Nations had inspectors go into Iraq and see if they had these weapons of mass destruction. Yet, the United States failed to produce the patients needed to get the outcome from all of the inspectors. Without evidence that the Bush Administration claimed to have and the result of the inspections not being conclusive, the United States was not justified in going to war with Iraq.
             The United Nations should respond and offer their support to help rebuild Iraq, however, they should not do it the way the United States wants to do it but the they all the countries together want to do it. If they do not offer any support to help with this war in Iraq, a lot of soldiers will get killed and the United States will feel like all of the rich land and other money making commodities is theirs. This is also why the United States should hand over the governance of Iraq to the United Nations. This way the war would at least have some legitimacy.

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