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Iraq war

             The war in Iraq has been a controversial one from the very start. Each side for and against the war believes they are right but also realize some middle ground that they can come to terms on. Both either state or imply that the Bush administration has not yet made the case for war; and that a war on Iraq will not be an easy war. .
             In my opinion, as the war goes on, the Bush administration seems to be stretching things to keep people in favor of the war. In the beginning it was how Iraq is buying Uranium from Africa (which turned out to be a lie) to make weapons of mass destruction. Then, when the UN inspectors found nothing that was illegal for the Iraqis to have and no signs of large-scale weapons programs, the answer was that they were involved with Al-Queda and Osama bin Laden. When that went nowhere, the answer was that we must stop terrorism at all costs. Bush says this when we did not even finish the job in Afghanistan and left it in ruins and turmoil. I don't think that Bush realized how long and hard either of the wars was going to be and I think that we do not have the resources to orchestrate both of them. We barely had enough to fund the war in Afghanistan and now Bush has run the deficit to sky-high proportions and is now asking for more billions of dollars to keep funding the war. Also I do not believe we are being very effective in our military efforts. More Americans have died after the war "ended" than during it. We don't have the correct strategies in finding the people causing the problems either. We try to gain the Iraqis respect and yet we raid their houses, hundreds at a time, in the middle of the night and come up with very little to help things turn around. .
             People in defense of the war have some good points as well, but in my mind they are Republicans desperate to find a way to defend Bush in all ways, but I will try not to let it show. The war in Iraq can be justified as helping to fight terrorism.

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