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Civil war

             Was The Civil War A Just War Or Not.
             In the United States of America the Civil War was one very controversial issues at the beginning of the United States weather it was a just war or not. Now, there is the major factor in the contribution to the Civil War slavery, was it just or was it unconstitutional. .
             In the constitution freedom is one of unalienable rights and a person is not a person if he has darker skin than the rest of the people on the United States of America he's still human. Also all people are created equal none more equal than others. So is having freedom and equality not a just cause it was to the north. .
             The war, how was it started an how it became a war. The war was officially started by the south when they fired the first shots at Fort Sumpter. Thus the war was declared by president Lincoln. President Lincoln was the proper authority in the US that could declare the war a war.
             The Civil War had a just cause by having the right intentions by not wanting to split the US in half. The north didn't want to spilt the US in half because would probably mess up the economy. The north was fighting for freedom of slaves which in the constitution of the United States of America says all people are free. .
             The north started out the war with the almost inevitable chance of success if attacked by the south. The north had about three times the men of the south. All the north had to do was ware away at the south until they gave up an came back. The north with three times the men of the south definitely had a chance of winning, but later in the war the south began winning over the north but in the end the north won. .
             At the end of the Civil War the north had obviously won against the south but had suffered severe casualties to attain this goal. They used a lot more men than needed in a scenario like this when they over powered them three to one. But they did complete the objective at hand by using all resources available.

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