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Women and the Civil War

            When the constitution stated "All men are created equal", it was never meant to give rights to any women throughout the course of the new nation. On April 12, 2015, Hillary Clinton declared her candidacy for the Presidential election of 2016. This stark transformation through the course of American history is due significantly to the Civil War and the effects it had on American culture. The unique opportunities afforded to women throughout that time period changed the perception of women throughout America. Throughout the nineteenth century, women's rights became apparent because of the civil war as seen through women's effects of economic, social, cultural, and political landscape of the nation.
             Primarily, the economic effects on American society from women joining the workforce were greatest during the civil war. Because of the large number of men needed on either side of the warfront, many women took the call to action. In extreme cases, many women even joined the battle disguised as men to fight for their cause. There were Vivandières, women who aided in battle camps, and Confederate spies; however, the most popular job for women in the war were nurses ("Women's Role in the War Effort"). Nurses added many feminine qualities to infirmaries never before seen in wartime. The qualities included rudimentary hygiene and anesthesia. Because of the large number of nurses needed in the war effort, women joined the workforce and changed the perception of women in the society. .
             To continue, the most popular of the civil war nurses was Clara Barton. The revolutionary aide she was able to give to her soldiers was unrivaled. Because of the importance of her work she started the American Red Cross. In her personal journal she wrote about her daily routines, always reminded herself of the eminent work she does and how important her work is to the entire nation and all the women in it (Barton).

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