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The Civil War And The Progress Of African Americans

            April 12, 1861 is one of the most crucial and important dates in American history. It is the day that the Civil war began. This war is a major turning point in American history and society, and has helped shape America into the country it is today. The Civil War is important because it affected African Americans and their future in America. One of the main causes of the Civil War was to fight for the abolishment of slavery, which was predominately practiced in the south, but common in all parts of the nation. Although, it took African Americans a long time to receive fair treatment and their rights as citizens and, the war still paid off for them in the long run. It took many African American leaders, and even White leaders to help with the advancement of African Americans in the country. All in all, the war was fought for a worthy cause and eventually earned African Americans what was due to them. The Civil war helped in the abolishment of slavery, the advancement of African Americans after the war, and the place of African Americans today. .
             The first step in the fight for the freedom of African Americans was the abolishment of slavery, which was one of the main causes of the Civil War. Slavery had become a common practice, which began in the late 1400's, when the North and South America began receiving shipments of slaves from Africa. This is known as The Atlantic .
             Smalls 2.
             Slave Trade and during its course shipped over a million slaves to the United States. Slavery was most prominent in the south, and when the threat that the slaves would be freed when Abraham Lincoln was elected scared the southern states, especially South Carolina and Georgia. When Lincoln was elected the south withdrew from the Union, and the Civil War began (Ngeorgia). With factors like, Harper's Ferry, the decline in the south's economy when the slaves would be freed, and the election of Lincoln, it was impossible not to start a Civil War.

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