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African reparations

            Over the course of history, the United States of America has committed a fair share of mistakes however the topic of slavery continually haunts us as a country . "Since the Emancipation Proclamation, African- Americans have demanded reparations, or compensation or remuneration required from a defeated nation as indemnity for damage or injury during war for the heinous acts slave owners committed against their people" ( African Reparations Movement FAQ's ). So the question remains, should today's society pay reparations for damages done some two-hundred years ago?.
             The thought of reparations has existed since the end of slavery in the United States; however the movement has not progressed until recently. The African Reparations Movement is the leader for this argument, they believe that the country of Africa should receive reparations for slavery. .
             At the time of slavery, Africa had a civilization far ahead of its time and the capturing of their people put them greatly behind the rest of the world. Africa's development became interrupted around the fourteenth century by the heinous institutionalized enslavement. For a period of over four-hundred years, enslavement robbed Africa of her best and strongest women, men, and children. ( A.R.M. FAQ"S ).
             As a result, the people of Africa have suffered from widespread starvation and also suffer from hundreds of incurable diseases from lack of money for advancement in their country. "The African Reparations Movement seek to identify and redress these wrongs, so that African people in Africa may continue with their development, which has been hampered" ( A.R.M. FAQ"S ). .
             In past transgressions, countries or groups of people who have suffered from wrongdoings have received repayment. Such instances are found in the case of the state of Israel which receives millions of dollars every year from the country of Germany in order to repay for the suffering of Jewish people during the Holocaust.

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