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Slavery Reparations

             There are many things in life that arise emotion out of an individual. More often than not, the emotion will be completely happy or extremely angry. One particular emotion that causes interesting discussion is the emotion of anger. A seemingly simple and single-faced emotion, it is hardly as simple as the word may portray. Anger can be described as a feeling that conveys displeasure or discomfort. Additionally, it may also bring up sentiments of rage and fury. The single word "anger,"" can hardly cover the range of emotions people experience. One such instance that brings up these emotions is slavery. To many, slavery is merely an event in the past that is to be looked upon as a lesson never to be repeated again. To others, slavery is an atrocity that many should be remembered forever actively in ones mind. However, whichever light upon which it is viewed, all parties agree that slavery was a dark time in history.
             Since slavery is such an emotional topic, many like to leave it as it is now. It is currently described as an institution in which people were captured and forced to work. Yet, more importantly, it is taught in America as something in the past and something to be remembered during Black History month. For many people however, slavery is the root to many problems in modern society. Many blame the "black tax- (qtd. in Hutchinson sec. 5) for keeping the African Americans in this nation oppressed. Because of this growing problem of racial socio-economic splitting, there is an increase push for a movement to bind this gap and make it less outstanding. For many African Americans, this push is a movement that calls for reparations due to millions of decedents of slaves in this nation. Yet, due to the controversy that surrounds this method of bridging the gap, action has not been initiated and the debate continues. .
             Like any other debate, there is a distinct difference in the stances that many African Americans and even non African Americans take.

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