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The War II

            The significant of women during the WWII.
             The great effect the war had was change. In the war a lot of changes occur not only in the.
             U.S. but all so in the globe. WWII a lot of people gave their lives to fight for what they believed. .
             Not everyone who was involve in the war stood on the front and run the risk of getting shot but .
             their were others willing to give their lives support this battle . WWII made people to .
             learn about each other and themselves . War for many woman was an opportanity to gain .
             strength and mobility . They toke on responsibility for the jobs that were for men. Back in history.
             woman did not have a lot of mobility and were put at a level in society that was not very high,but.
             war changed that for them. War took them out of their homes were they have been in for all in.
             their lives . During world war II women were asked to work out side as well as inside of the.
             home. This step for women was some what of a symbol of freedom. Durning this time woman.
             werw not forced to do anything they did not want to do. They were free to live their own lives.
             and and control what they wanted to do . WWII gave them a chance to show they were as.
             capable as men .
             As the war continued, a longer amont of women was taking control of their own lives. For the first.
             time woman all over the world were learning to work as factory workers, woman were even brave.
             enough to join the arming which at the time was called Women's army corps and they also was.
             involve in prostitution and were victims of propaganda.
             During the war both Japan and the U.S. went threw a lot, more soldiers were needed and .
             women had to stay home and take care of the house by men .As the men went off to fight in the.
             war, problems started because not enough of people in the work force . Times were very hard and.
             money was tight Factory had a lot of woman who had to work under very poor conditions for very.

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