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Research Sources - World War II

             A reliable source about militaristic info is History. It is a very knowledgeable website with in-depth research into all thing history, especially about the wars. From the source, I used the info about Hitler to find out that he was one of the most powerful and infamous dictators of the 20th century, if not of all time. Hitler rose to power in the National Socialist German Workers Party and quickly rose up the ranks from messenger to dictator in 1933 when he took over the German government. During his rule, Hitler established concentration camps in which he brought Jews, handicaps, homosexuals, elders, and Christians to kill. He ended up killing around 6 million of these people before he committed suicide. Hitler's attack on Poland was one of the main causes for starting World War 2 because of the ally system.
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             This is a credible source for information because they have some good info on the basic causes of WW2. It's a great site that has basic info for students to learn from. The info I used from this website is the trying of appeasement to Hitler to make him stop his efforts of trying to imperialize to other nations and cause aggression between them. Britain and France tried to appease him but it failed in 1939. Also, the League of Nations closed down during the war because it failed and the nations didn't participate in the League during the war. In 1943, after the war was done, the nation's set up a new organization called the "United Nations" at the Conference in Tehran. The big three that joined the United Nations first were: the US, Britain, and Russia.
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             This slide share is credible because it was most likely another student that made it for a project that they had to do for school.

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