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             In the history of many human civilizations, many changes have occurred. Theater, that once was the only form of entertainment, evolved into a series of still pictures accompanied by a prerecorded track of artificial sounds. An abacus, the primitive tool once used for basic mathematics and simple operations, stepped up on the invention evolutionary scale to a logical beast known as a CPU (central processing unit, the brain of the computer used to "think" and make simple decisions in a fraction of a second). The one thing that has not changed in human history has been war. War has always been the destroyer of towns, widower of wives, and one hell of a challenge for mapmakers. From the French and Indian War to World War II and finally resting at the Middle Eastern involvements in the bombing of the World Trade Centers, the United States has always been involved with the relations of other countries and quite heavy on the trigger. Looking back at all these international situations, there are many questions that need answered. How should we get our point across? How many lives need to be lost to make our point? And finally, what is our point? Humans must be taught that war is not the solution to all our problems. Instead, war is the great downfall of millions of years of evolution. We must quit using our evolutionary powers to build destructive devices. War is a useless, last resort effort that has caused such disasters as World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam. In order to understand the logic of the author, one must know the author.
             I set aside this paragraph to offer insight on me and how I think. This paragraph is not at the beginning of this essay because the way that I think is not the topic of this paper. Also, this paragraph is not at the end because a basic understanding of my thinking is needed to understand from where my objections come. Finally, this paragraph is the only part of the essay where I use personal pronouns freely.

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