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The Need for Language Policy and Planning

            Language Policy and Planning go together. Language Policy is the legal and statutory measures aimed at regulating language use, while the Language Planning is language policy's practical implementation or execution that hinges upon goals, strategies and assessment of outcomes. (Rubin 1983) Hence in Language Planning literature both Language Planning and Language Policy and Planning (LPP) are used interchangeably. I am quite enamoured by the slogan placed in the top right of the letter of invite sent by the organizers of the Global Conclave for Konkani Language Planning: "Respecting every variety; Seeking unity in diversity; Promoting a common identity." It is not only illuminating but also envisionary. It envisions political life in ways that will sharpen, deepen and extend the grounds for developing a better understanding about the significance and meaning of language policy and planning informed by geopolitical events and actions at the national and international levels. .
             There are a range of theories about language which make statement (or series of statements) about language – what it is, where it is 'located', what is its role in social life, etc.? These statements or theories have relevance in several other fields of enquiry. Thus, a theory that there is an innate capacity of human language which is located in the brain (cf. Chomsky) or a theory that truth is constructed and reproduced in the discourse of the powerful (cf. Foucault) are not just abstract and general statement but they also guide and inform research. Language Policy and Planning has also been impacted by such theories about language. .
             Typology of Language Planning .
             In language planning literature the types of planning which have assumed greater prominence and attracted wider attention of scholars are status and corpus planning. .
             a. Status planning is one of the two major types of language planning that has gone on all over the world for thousands of years.

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