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the handmaids tale

            Overview of Immigration in Australia.
             since WW2.
             The Impact Migration has had on Australia.
             Planned immigration.
             After World War II a census showed that Australia's population was only 7 and a half million people - and if this didn't.
             improve Australia's industries would die and leave Australia open for invasion from more powerful countries. Australia had.
             been bombed in World War II which highlighted the need for better security and a high population to defend it's land. The.
             lack of trained and skilled workers, which Australia needed, was due to the wars and depression. Australia needed to.
             survive, and this was done through planned immigration.
             The Department of Immigration was set up in 1945 by the Commonwealth Labor government and.
             Arthur Calwell was the first Minister of Immigration. However Calwell had a single-minded view of.
             where the migrants should come from. He was in favour of the 'White Australia' policy and to him.
             Asian countires, especially Japan (for what happened in World War II) were the enemies and.
             European countries, especially Britain were the saviours. Calwell had a motto he was known for -.
             'Populate or Perish' meaning he wanted to choose particular people to migrate to help develop.
             For it's first post World War II migration program, Australia turned to it's 'mother nation' Britain and.
             came out with one of the largest migration programs in the Southern Hemisphere ever. It was called the United Kingdom -.
             Australia Free and Assisted Passage Agreements and this program proved to be successful as the 1947 population of 7 and.
             a half million rose to 12 and a half million by 1969, with over 40% of the immigrants coming from the British Isles. The.
             following graph shows the origins of people who came to Australia between July 1947 and June 1970 - the British Isles.

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