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Promoting Professional Artists and Their Art

             If, as a society, we are to comprehend how the arts contribute to our lives, it is important to understand how art is produced and what problems face those who produce it. From a social point of view, as a community, we need to accord to artists the respect they deserve as professionals who contribute in so many ways and with such dedication and skill to advancing our cultural life. From a policy point of view, an understanding of the conditions of professional artistic practice is essential if effective measures for nurturing the growth of the arts in Australia are to be developed.
             This report is actually a planning brief for the development of a website of community Arts and Crafts Centre. The name which I choose for it is VIC Community Arts and Crafts Centre. This report will discuss the purpose of the website, people who get advantages from this website, and the boundaries and limits of the website as well. As in second part of this planning brief the development language , programming technology and other technical issues will be discuss.
             Description and Purpose .
             The primary purpose of this report is to provide the criteria for the development of a website of VIC Community Arts and Crafts Centre which address the culture and art of Australians. This will also provide the information about the technical aspects of the design consideration. This guide is directed toward improving early design decisions and toward the development of realistic, cost effective website Talented artists have created high quality products with an amazing diverse range of items. The products which may contain in the website are .
             Preserves, wood turned items and wooden sculptures, wrought iron, handicrafts and silk painting, porcelain dolls and teddies, cushions and crocheted hand work, pottery and paintings, candles and wood chimes, magnets and souvenirs, dried fruit and fudge and an assortment of toys.

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