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Education, Skills and the Art Profession

            Art professions are usually divided into two categories, fine art and applied art. An artist is someone who creates art. Fine artists produce original artwork, using paint, acrylics, charcoal, ink, clay, plaster, metal and other materials. They market their work to individual buyers and to art galleries, and may also work on commissioned projects. Artist generally have some college or university training, although it not a requirement for the profession. Professional fine artist stay informed regarding the work and motivations of other artists, new techniques, and available technologies in the art world. Their pieces generally convey messages, ideas, emotions, moods or in some case, serve a strictly artistic purpose. According to Marshall Kimball in Marketing Management Journal, he mentioned that fine arts are a multi-billion dollar business and marketing academicians have largely neglected the visual fine arts markets. This is unfortunate because the expressive nature of fine art works provides an opportunity to extend marketing exchange theory further into the realm of symbolic and social values. This consideration was given to artist to visual fine art as products to all purchasers of art as consumers with diverse purchasing motivations and to aspects of fine art pricing.
             Duties .
             Work from own ideas, commission or organization.
             Maintain an online and/or offline portfolio to promote their work with potential clients .
             Attend exhibitions and join artists' groups.
             Research subject, materials and working with new artistic techniques.
             Network with agents, dealers and gallery owners.
             Create pieces of art for sale to general public or upon request for commission.
             Education .
             Since the art world can be very specialized, fine artists usually attend an art school to obtain their Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) which gives helps them to focuses on the specific medium in which they want to work.

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