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Teacher Shortage

            One social debate that constantly makes headlines is teacher certification and the shortage of teachers that the United States is currently facing. There have been many possible solutions brought to the forefront, but few survive. The USA Today features an editorial titled Teacher shortage worsens that brings a new possibility into the light. In the editorial there are five main points that are being discussed by the author, money, recruiting non-education majors, "the art of teaching," running schools like businesses, and teacher certification. .
             This article first talks about choices, making that big decision of what a student wants to do for his or her future career. It states those students, especially top college students, rarely enter teacher preparation programs because other fields of study have higher paying career choices. The editorial goes on to talk about giving school districts the right to recruit outside of education majors, it states that the interest would be there if it was easier to become certified. Educational professionals argue that in this process of recruiting outside the field of study the "art of teaching" is lost. The rebuttal is to leave it to the school districts to teach this so called "art." Having a wider spectrum of people to choose from quality would rise sharply. It continues to state that many times school districts have to reteach to teachers out of college on how they want certain subjects taught i.e. reading. It suggests running a school the way businesses are run; "a business executive does not rely on a students degree, its up to that business to conduct the most relevant training." Lastly, the article simplifies this new process of changing teacher certification into a three-step program according to a man named Frederick Hess of the University of Virginia. First, the person eligible would have to earn a college degree, pass a competency skills test, and pass a criminal background check.

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