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Merit Pay for American Teachers

             Normally, teachers are paid on a scale that takes into account years on the job and degrees earned. However, a growing movement known as "merit pay" has some school districts brainstorming another significant factor into the teacher pay equation: teacher effectiveness. As merit pay has taken shape in several states across the country, it is one of the bitterest controversies in education today (Noll, 2014). Merit pay is a salary schedule for teachers based on teacher effectiveness and not tenure (Noll, 2014). Teacher's effectiveness is measured by student growth or achievement. If the student experiences growth, the teacher is deemed proficient or highly effective. As an incentive, the teacher is rewarded for the student's academic growth. On the other hand, the teacher is deemed ineffective if the student does not experience academic growth. Most states measure student growth with standardized test. Based on merit pay, an ineffective teacher will not receive an incentive or salary increase. Although merit pay is taking shape in many states across the country, many are calling merit pay unjust as some are calling it fair and equal. The idea of merit pay is growing increasingly important because teachers are leaving education to find new careers. Also, states are finding it difficult to retain teachers from year to year. The issue is highly debated because it carries pros and cons. In some instances, the pros are not well enough to outweigh the cons and the cons have outweighed the pros. .
             Name of First Pro - Recruit and Retain.
             The implementation of merit pay would help retain intelligent and highly effective teachers. Teachers may reconsider leaving education if they were rewarded for their increased efforts. Why not reward teachers for their increased performance? Merit pay would motivate the teacher to improve his/her performance the years to come (Morrison, 2012).
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