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The Acquisition of the Second Language

            Now with China's accession to the WTO and economic globalization, china communicates with foreign countries more frequently than before and aims to strength corperation with them in economy,science and techology,eduction and so on. To achieve this, one point should be put enough attention to. That is a mastery of English, a tool which makes it easy to promote communication. So nowadays learning English has gained in great popularity in China with an increasing number of students every year flocking to English-speaking countries for study. As second language learners, some have achieved great success while some fail to accomplish goals even if they have made their best exertions. On this issue I would like to express my opinion. I will list some elements which I think affect the final result of second language learning.
             First language aptitude.
             I think in this aspect girls have advantages over boys because of their better language aptitude.I always see more women language talents than men language talents.
             second age.
             It is universally believed that the best period for learning a language whatever it is a first language or a second language is the time when people are young.When people are young they have better memory and they have more energy and motivations to learn a second language.
             Third environment.
             English environment can get people exposed to a native environment. In this environment, people are forced to use the second language 24 hours a day and gradually they can master English.
             As language learners we should give priority to how we can master English our second language.

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