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The Influence of English Education in China

            English is the most useful language in modern life. On 2010, English was at the third place of the language by number of native speaker which had 360 million. It also was the official language in 54 countries. Although, to contract with Chinese which had 960 million, English sounds like not that useful than Chinese, English is a worldwide language. Even in China, lots of people use English in their daily life. From 19 century to now, English more and more important in China. Also, because of the history of English in China, English education in China has its own style which is no speaking English and by the influence of English, Chinese people created China English and English became a required skill for working.
             "Adamson (2002) analyzes the official role and status of English language and education in China by dividing Chinese history into three periods – the Qing dynasty, the Republican era, and the People's Republic of China." (Chang, Bok-Myung Pg5) The first period was from 1759 to 1911. In the Qin Dynasty, the King opened Canton as the port to foreign countries. "English was taught in missionary schools in South China and the first schools that taught English were established in Macau in the late 1830s shortly before the First Opium War." (Chang, Bok-Myung Pg5) After the First Opium War, the Chinese government decided to open more English class in missionary schools and colleges to learn the modern science and technology. The second period was from 1911 to 1949. Because of the war in China, English became a very important tool to communicate with other country's governments. The last period was from 1949 to now. Because of the relationships with the West, English was not that useful like before. However, English became the first foreign language of China after the relationships with USSR got worse. "Since 1978, English gradually became the dominant foreign language in China, which accompanied with the implementation of the state policy of opening to the outside and the reform.

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