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International business

             Today we live in a world where our population is increasing rapidly, and technology is increasing at an even faster rate. With the use of telecommunications and technology the global market place has been transformed into an enormous business opportunity/ reality for many Australian companies, and it is becoming more important for the average everyday Australian businesses to have some knowledge in international business issues. .
             This report is designed to assist clients of 5 Start International Business Centre who are whishing to conduct business in China. The report outlines general facts about the country, economic facts and basic facts about the culture and customs in china. .
             General Facts .
             China is the third largest country in the world just behind Russia and Canada, with a current population of approximately 1.3 billion people; China is the most populated country in the world. Approximately 70 per cent of China's population lives in rural areas. Most people in china still work as farmers or herders. Major crops include wheat and rice. Fishing is also a major industry along the coasts of China. China has significant natural resources including coal, lead, zinc, copper, tungsten and gold, China also has substantial oil reserves. ( ) .
             China is a very diverse land including deserts, mountains and fertile river basins. Much of western China is mountains with the Himalaya, Tian and Pamir ranges. Western China also has a large desert. Central China consists of mountainous regions. Rivers also play a major role in China, both for transportation and for irrigation.
             The quality of life in China has increased dramatically; with increasing wealth the Chinese people have experienced many foreign influences through traveling, media, and education. The coastal regions of China are rapidly expanding, attracting millions of people from poorer rural areas in search of employment.
             Since 1949, the country has been under communist rule.

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