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EU Single Market and International Business

             One of the main tendencies characterizing today's world economy is globalization. Thus, firstly increase interstate competition for economic resource, and secondly there is a development towards interstate unions. This was the main purpose of forming the European Union as they tended to form a united market without any borders. In 1968 all trade tariffs were cancelled but only on 1st January 1993 the Single Market was properly settled. The European Committee eliminated all physical, technical and tax barriers left on that moment throw legal adaptations. It become easier for people to live and work in other states and also the uniform European rules which have replaced the national establishments. The necessity to follow the previous regulations leaded to unneeded rise in prices and barriers for small companies being engaged in export to EU scales.
             Nowadays European Union is the biggest single market in the world and includes 27 member countries and also the three European Free Economic Area countries - Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein. The potential size of the market is 600 million consumers which makes it attractive for enterprises and international businesses. Since 1993 lots of things changes, new members joined the Union but the most important was elimination of such practices as monopolies, criminal organizations and unnecessary regulations. Also over 2.5 million workplaces were created, the choice of the goods and services increased and the prices reduced. .
             2. International business development.
             The active development of international businesses begun in early 90th, at the same time when EU finally established Single Market. This was not a coincidence as elimination of all barriers caused this fast growth of international businesses in all market spheres. Forms of international businesses have constant structure but this can change under the form of the conducted economy therefore companies are flexible.

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