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International Business in Mexico

             In this paper, I will introduce a culture that I will research more about. I will review the languages and/or dialects spoken, as well as the nonverbal language and cues that I would need to be aware of. I will also learn about the proper ways to greet members of this culture, research appropriate etiquette with regard to the food and how meals play a part in the culture. I will also understand the various ways this country does business and how its leaders are perceived. Lastly, I will observe and learn about how the culture views their leaders and the ways they place trust in them. .
             Week 5 - Signature Assignment.
             When interacting with another culture, it is important to learn how to best approach that culture in their environment in order to make the environment as comfortable as possible, especially when it has to do with business. I chose to research the country of Mexico, as the culture that I wanted to learn more about because I am Mexican and can identify with the many things I love and respect about the culture. Let us first look at the language and the various dialects that are spoken in Mexico. Most people would say, Spanish, is the most common language of Mexico, but it is actually not the case. Although, it is the primarily language, there are a number of other dialects we have heard about, "Some of the most widely spoken languages in Mexico, aside from Spanish, are Nahuatl, which has almost 1.4 million speakers, Yucatec Maya, spoken by over three quarters of a million people, and Mixtec, whose speakers amount to about half a million." (don Quijote, 1996-2016). When communicating in Mexico, it is important to know the various languages you will be exposed to and suggest learning to speak the primarily language. .
             In addition to language, there is also the use of nonverbal language and gestures that one must be aware of and learn, as you may have to use these approaches in your dealings with that culture.

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