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OWS Global Business Plan

             Introduction to Regional and Country Analysis 5.
             Development Stage and Business Opportunities 7.
             Economic and financial forces and economic indicators 10.
             Exchange Control 13.
             Gross Domestic Product 14.
             Political Legal forces 14.
             Entry Barriers 15.
             Profit Remittance Barriers 15.
             Sociocultural forces 16.
             Education 17.
             Health 18.
             Number, Size, and Financial Strength 20.
             Market Share 20.
             Marketing Strategies 20.
             Distribution 21.
             OWS Strategy Implementation 22.
             Employment Department 23.
             Labor Staffing 25.
             Accommodations and Activities 27.
             Training 27.
             Information Technology 29.
             Research and Development 30.
             Finance and Marketing 32.
             Financing 32.
             Currency Risk Management 33.
             Marketing Plan 34.
             Market Demand Forecasts 36.
             Conclusion 37.
             References 38.
             Appendix 40.
             Executive Summary.
             It is to our vision that One World Sports (OWS) Clothing will distinguish itself as a leader in redefining the clothing industry and will be recognized for the passion of its people and partners in providing quality, innovative clothing to the customers it serves in each community. OWS Clothing will remain at the forefront of redefining the clothing industry by: Leading our industry in quality and service; becoming the clothing of choice; and being a technology leader on our field. In order to accomplish our vision OWS must meet the needs of each and every customer, whose fashion desires are our primary purpose and mission.
             OWS's mission statement: maintain and enhance cooperative relationships to better serve the clothing needs of our communities. Forge strong partnerships with those who share our values. Achieve standards of excellence, which become the benchmark of industry practices. Use innovation and creativity to identify and solve problems. Apply quality management and leadership principles to foster continued employee development. Treat each other, our customers, and our partners with respect and dignity. OWS will hold integrity and honesty as our most important principles and perform at all times at the highest ethical standards.

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