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Summary of a Global Business Plan

             In this paper, Team D has to formulate a final global business plan paper for the venture in India. The team first has to summarize the findings from the previous team assignments. After summarizing the team has to integrate the week five assignment with the work that had been turned in previously. The team paper for week five includes the rationale the team used for selecting the target country which is India. Also the team had to determine the marketing mix that was specific to the selected global product and give an explanation on why this mix was selected. A marketing plan was prepared which addressed product modification, pricing, promotional programs, distribution channels, and e-business in the chosen country. The paper will include market indicators and trends for the product as well.
             A financial overview for the global venture will be given, which will include a chart for the general budget and an explanation of how the company will deal with the foreign exchange risk. The company will have to identify potential domestic and international sources for funding the venture, and the team will identify two possible financial institutions within the chosen region. In the paper an explanation of the degree at which the organization will operate as a centralized versus decentralized organization, and a chain of command chart will illustrate how information is passed from the field to senior management. Appropriate exit strategies will be discussed, and a final recommendation will be given concerning the achievability of this global venture. At last, the team will recommend whether or not to proceed with the venture.
             Summaries from Previous Week's Papers .
             For this global business venture, theme code software has been chosen as a product, to be developed in India, as part of an offshore outsourcing program. Not only does the country provide with strategic advantages such as reduced costs, availability of skilled labor, a conductive software development environment, but it also provides for a rich marketplace for the end products.

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