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Do Global Brands Work in business-to-Business Environment?

            Do global brands work in business-to-business environment?.
             "Nobody ever got fired for buying an IBM".
             These continuously changing work practices, globalisation and new technology have modified the way organisational buying is conducted and suppliers are faced with increasing urgency to efficiently distinguish and communicate their offering in the local and global marketplace.
             Business-to-business branding is a potentially powerful means, although under-used, of contributing to successful differentiation of a product.
             This assignment investigates the attributes a successful international brand and shows that the suppliers that build brands that reflect not only the fitness for purpose of the product and service but also an organisational reputation that is known for constantly delivering against expectations are the most successful ones. The capability of the brand to show managerial offering of pre- and post-sale partnership seems to be the differentiating factor in high value global business brand purchases.
             As a result of such forces as greater consumer interest in price and value, increasing global competition and the rise and power of retailers and private labels, enthusiastic interest is displayed in the topic of brand equity over the past several years. While substantial effort has been devoted to define, measure and extend global brand equity, considerably less attention has been paid to global brands as they relate to organisational buying situations or to the conditions under which the organisational buyers are more affected by the brand name rather than the price or other factors.
             Brands play a critical role in establishing a firm's visibility and position in international markets. Building a coherent international brand architecture is a key component of the firm's overall international marketing strategy because it provides a structure to leverage strong brands into other markets, assimilate acquired brands and integrate strategy across markets.

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