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Branding in the Fashion Industry

            During this lecture, look at 4 business built on design due to the nature of one of the businesses - we will also consider thirteen connected brands.
             One main brand which have connection with all the other brands:.
             -H&M, - Armani, - Christian Lacroix, - Pierre Cardin Also interesting: Vionnet, Mulberry.
             As a brand but also as a design business.
             R.L: Don't design clothes but design dreames; He wants to design dreams.
             1 H&M 1947: Hennes.
             Publicly traded company: a lot of people of influences on how the business is done.
             Headquarters in Stockholm in Sweden.
             2500 stores worldwide: 43 countries.
             It's a global brand, have global reach and is very valuable! It's a group business: - H&M, COS, Moniki, Weekday + Cheap Monday: are all from the same group.
             Design philosophy:.
             International persona; but scandinavian and therefor democratic and practical.
             There inspiration is from everywhere and the end design should be uncomplicated silhouettes and designs. The costumers influences on what the brands does; an important input. They balance the latest trends + basics.
             There's a creative director Margareta v. d. Bosch: very important. Also; the White Room: it's the design centre where 100 designers are working. It's all about the psychological process and terms.
             They have 700 suppliers + 20 Worldwide production centers.
             And everything is all coordinated more than a year in advance and also: from sketch to shelf is possible in 20 days!!!.
             They have a focus on collection development & planning: the costumers feeds into this; marketing business: what are they interested in? True marketing research: focusing on the idea to create and of the selling.
             There are global inputs but also trends input, which they are looking for themselves. Purpose = making clothes. They have a continual creative process:.
              24 months periods before a season: whole design team should be looking at trends, zeitgeist, future etc.
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