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The Indian Apparel Industry

            Indian textiles and apparel have a history of fine craftsmanship and global appeal. Cotton, silk and denim from India are highly popular abroad and with the upsurge in Indian design talent, Indian apparel has also found success in the fashion centers of the world. India is the second largest producer of textiles and garments in the world with an enormous raw material and manufacturing base. This industry accounts for almost 24per cent of the world's spindle capacity and eight per cent of global rotor capacity. The present domestic textile industry is estimated at US$ 33.23 billion and unstitched garments comprise US$ 8.31 billion. The sector contributes about 14 per cent to industrial production, 4 per cent to the gross domestic product (GDP), and 27 per cent to the country's foreign exchange inflows. It provides direct employment to over 35 million people.
             Growth in Apparel Industry in India (AII) is increasing manifold with the change in lifestyle, earnings and urbanization of the customers. The worldwide consumers are accepting the apparel fashion products produced in India. AII has realized the immense potential to yield business in this segment. The Indian consumers are adopting fashionable items quickly and conveniently with the rise in competition. The present study has been conducted to derive the information on the trends of AII through analyzing the present and future aspects. The study has been conducted by analyzing the data collected from secondary source. The growth in AII with respect to global scenario has been studied and highlighted in detail. The study also evaluates the potential of growth of AII and the factors nurturing it.
             In addition to having faster population growth, India in recent decades has made remarkable socioeconomic gains, which have resulted in changing societal perceptions of the Indian consumers. Therefore, Indians have become a viable ethnic target market, after blacks and Hispanics, for marketers and retailers.

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