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Adidas:a look from the perspective of quality

            Adidas India Marketing Private Limited is a JV with Adidas and Magnum International Trading Company. Adidas had been present in the country since 1989 to 1995 through an exclusive retailing tie-up with Bata. Adidas discontinued this relationship in favour of its own setup in the country. .
             The total investment in Adidas India Marketing Pvt Ltd stands at $13.2 million, wherein 92 per cent stake is with Adidas, and the rest with Magnum. The company is eyeing 20 per cent growth this year. .
             While the merchandise is outsourced from players such as Magnum International (its domestic partner in Adidas Marketing India Pvt Ltd) and Lakhani Shoes, the entire apparel range is being sourced from Indian contractors.
             Quality objectives.
             The adidas mission has changed little since founder Adi Dassler began making sports shoes in the 1920s: to be the best sports brand in the world. The history of adidas is one of consistently meeting the evolving needs of the athlete. Focusing more on function and less on fashion, adidas strives to provide athletes with shoes that can make a tangible difference in their performance. .
             Adidas keeps abreast of sport technology, incorporating the most advanced materials into its shoes and apparel to ensure performance and safety. And the company's aggressive marketing strategy is aimed at communicating adidas quality to as large and athletic an audience as possible. Meeting athlete needs is what makes adidas the best.
             Standards of Engagement.
             Authenticity, inspiration, commitment and honesty are some of the core values of the adidas-Salomon group. The group measures themselves and their business partners in the same way. Consistent with these brand values, the partners are expected to conduct themselves with the utmost fairness, honesty and responsibility in all aspects of their business.
             These SOE are tools that helps in choosing and retaining business partners that follow workplace standards and business practices consistent with company's policies and values.

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