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Global Warming and the Environment

            Global warming is a major concern to our environment. We should be doing more to help the environment instead of using things that are bad for it like fossil fuels and greenhouse gases. Some of the signs of global warming are higher temperatures, melting glaciers, more droughts, and rising sea levels. With the rise of the Earths surface temperatures we will start to see effects like our rainfall patterns are going to change, the ice caps and glaciers are going to start to melt, the oceans will start to rise because of the ice caps melting, there will be more coastal erosion. It also can also make some infectious diseases go more places than it could go before. What greenhouse gases do is they trap heat in the atmosphere. So the more greenhouse gases are in the air, the more heat is trapped on earth. Emissions from greenhouse gases have increased by 5% from 1990 to 2012. The thing that gives of the most greenhouse emission is electric generation. After that is transportation. Carbon Dioxide is most of the United States emissions. It makes up 82% of it. Greenhouse gases come from doing things like burning fossil fuels. Greenhouse gases can stay in the atmosphere for tens or hundreds of years.
             Because of global warming, wet places are wetter and dry areas are getting drier. With the increase of greenhouse gases, which are trapping heat, it also traps more moistures. This is going to strengthen the existing rainfall patterns. So that means the places that are already getting a lot of rain are just going to get more rain and the places that aren't getting a lot of rain are going to only get drier. Also, the weather patterns are going to change. There are going to be more heatwaves. As a result of there being more intense heatwaves, in urban areas air pollution can get worse increasing the chance of getting heart attacks, strokes, and asthma attacks. In the summer there will be even hotter days.

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