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Global Warming Awareness

            Is anyone apprehensive about how the environment will be years to come? Nearly every day there is news about the environment based on jam-packed landfills, polluted water, and reduced air quality, leading to different temperatures and bipolar climate changes known as global warming. Global warming is one of the biggest problems faced in today's world. Greenhouse gases, pollution, and deforestation is effected and increasing global warming, thus becoming very dangerous for human life. As population grows, lifestyle changes, if small changes were made, future generations can still have natural resources, polar bears, and a clean, healthy environment. .
             One way global warming is increasing is by greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are chemical compounds found in the Earth's atmosphere that allows sunlight to enter the Earth, while absorbing heat coming from the Earth's surface. There are many gases in this so-called "greenhouse," such as methane, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and fluorinated gases. The heaviest gas that makes a big portion of the atmosphere is carbon dioxide. It is used for cellular respiration and photosynthesis that is helpful for people, animals, and plants survival. However, the widespread of burned fossil fuels, deforestation, and industrial processes are bringing copious amounts of CO2 that is affecting atmospheric levels. "Unlike other air pollutants, carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to global warming are so ubiquitous that the EPA raised the law's threshold level requiring a permit," said Richard Wolf (1). Environmental Protection Agency decision to make a change in the threshold levels would help regulate carbon dioxide emission and help decrease global warming, which is very important. However, there is still more greenhouse gases that is taking a toll to the environment. .
             Methane (CH4), a colorless gas that is used to absorb radiation, is the second most common greenhouse gas that contributes to climate changes within Earth.

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