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Analyzing an Advertisement - The Surfrider Foundation

            When advertisements are created the sole purpose is to influence a person's behavior in some way. Whether it is changing actions or emotions something is triggered varying from person to person. Other ads influence people to change the way they are living to help a greater cause. An example of this is an advertisement from The Surfrider Foundation. It depicts the recognizable form of a hand grenade but made out of ice. It is a subtle narrative for the destructive power of global warming and is made to increase awareness of it.
             The background is a darker blue than the center which fades into a white behind the grenade. By having the contrast of the dark to light; shines a spotlight on the main part of the advertisement which is the grenade. This spotlight makes the viewer focus solely on the grenade first to start to comprehend the message the ad is conveying. The grenade stands for the danger and uncertainty of global warming. Grenades, once the pin is pulled go off randomly and are extremely dangerous. The pin in this situation are the causes of global warming. As global warming gets worse the repercussion will also increase. Underneath the grenade there is a puddle of water. The puddle of water is small now since not much has happened yet in ways of affects. As the grenade melts the bigger the puddle will get and the more dangerous the affects become. There is text to the center right that says, "The Sea Level Is Increasing. We Are All In Danger." In smaller text underneath that it reads, "Do Something Against Global Warming. Do It Now." These words are simple and to the point. .
             The illustrator doesn't mess around with making the message complicated. The audience of this ad are people unaware of the effects of global warming. The words simplistic meaning help the viewer understand the point of the ad without having to explain everything in detail. The words aren't telling people to make a specific change they are just guiding people into the right direction.

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