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We All Looking at an Advertisement Magazine

            People read newspapers and magazines everyday. Before I read Rolling Stone magazine, a very popular rock and roll music magazine in the United State, I thought the contents information in the magazine is all about rock music. However, when I opened Rolling Stone magazine, I found this magazine is not only a rock music magazine, but also an advertisement magazine. Many ads are about alcohols, cigarettes, fashion clothes, tattoos, and even the sexual medicament. Rolling stone's advertisement can direct young people to an irresponsible life and sets terrible examples.
             In Rolling Stone, the advertisement of alcohols and cigarettes are the most dangerous ads for young people today. As we can see, we can find the image and word about alcohols and drinking very easy in Rolling Stone magazine, and many pictures of rock star are smoking pots and doing drugs. The reason why Rolling Stone has many ads about alcohols and cigarettes is because most rock stars associated to smoking and drinking. Even though those rock stars are performing, they still keep smoking cigarettes and drinking beers. Their behaviors really affect to their fans and most of them are teenager, thus many young people drinks and smokes when they are watching the concert too. The advertising company wants to catch those fans to be their consumer therefore the advertisements about alcohols and cigarettes can be found all over in Rolling Stone magazine, from fruit wine to beer, even some high rating whiskey such as Jim Bean Black. For one side, teenage drinking has become a big trouble in the recent years; for another side, those rock stars continue to encourage young people to drink through mass media such as Rolling Stone magazine. We do not have the evidence to show that those alcohols and cigarettes ads are aiming at young people, but we can visualize how bad an example they set to our future generation.
             The Issue 924 of Rolling Stone's cover shows "Special Issue: Monsters of Summer.

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