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Sexuality In Advertisements

             Sexuality is all of the sexual attitudes, feelings, and behaviors associated with being human. What are "cultural" and "sexual" scripts? When I looked in the dictionary, I kind of figured the meaning wasn't the literal definition of script that I found. I personally think that "cultural" scripts are how different cultures around the world are expected to act, and dress. "Sexual" scripts on the other hand are the way that men and women are expected to act in general.
             In many countries both "cultural" and "sexual" scripts are utilized. For instance, in Iraq women are expected to dress in clothing that does not show off their skin in any way, and it is considered a sign of respect. The men are considered the "leaders" of their household. That is how it has been for centuries, so therefore that would be considered their culture. "Sexual" scripts are also found in many civilizations. Men are portrayed as masculine, leaders, or lazy. Women are considered to be the weaker sex and are supposed to be submissive, the homemaker, and the mother.
             As I was looking through magazines, I noticed how girls/women are shown in advertisements. There are mostly two ways that women are shown in the commercials, and magazine ads. One way is the woman being very seductive, sexy, and sometimes-even skanky, meaning that they have a certain look on their face, or they are showing the several inches of skin. For example, there was one advertisement in Glamour magazine from Foley's department store. The picture had a naked woman looking into a mirror with only a gold necklace on. The slogan stated, "You"re not fully dressed without beautiful gold jewelry" (Glamour Magazine). Now, personally, I think they could have done some other type of picture to get that particular point across. That statement also implies that women are vein and have to have material things to feel beautiful, or feel good about themselves.

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