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Advertisements - The Real Message

            On a daily bases we see advertisements of all kinds and forms whether it's a build board, a commercial, or a logo on a t-shirt. However advertisers are trying to grab our attention through a different method by using sexuality for advertising products. Since advertisers know that sex would grab the attention of most people they would advertise products such as food and clothing to different genders, race, and sexualities; however doing so can lead to people having self-esteem problems as well as depression and eating disorders.
             Advertisements that sexually advertise a product such as clothing can lead to people having low self-esteem problems. Low self-esteem issue is most common in teenage girls and in women however younger and older men could also feel this way as well. Jean Kilbourne, from Killing Us Softly, says that "girls are getting the message these days so young that, that they need to be impossibly beautiful" (Kilbourne). Advertisements of unrealistic images of women are being seen as the level of beauty in which society must live up to. Living by these standards can lead to self-esteem problems once teens and women feel they cannot reach those impossible standards. Although this problem is mostly in women this could also happen in men as well leaving them to feel that they cannot be as good looking as the person in the advertisement, perhaps even believing that women are only sexually attractive to men with similar qualities as the person in the advertisement.
             Self-esteem issues are growing problem in the world of technology where advertisements are everywhere. Some companies such as Dove have also noticed that advertisements are causing problems for women all over the world. Dove says, "Sadly, only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful" ("Dove takes on Advertising"). Advertisements portraying the perfect women is not just in the U.

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