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Advertisement Exposed

             Advertisement is an important tool in marketing. Much advertising serves a useful function by providing information about products and services, supporting mass distribution and helping to keep prices of some products affordable. Companies appeal to consumers in many different ways to persuade them to buy their products. Images, language and color are all very essential elements of a successful ad campaign. .
             Color. For a very long time color has been used by both advertiser and merchandiser to encourage the consumer to purchase the product or service. Sometimes a color is selected for the sole purpose of drawing attention to the product or ad. This is when red or yellow may be used. But you can also attract attention by using a combination of colors. For instance, Stagg ® Chili uses a black background with gold letters. The cereal product, Total ® created eye-catching appeal with a blue package and a red logo.
             Color can also be used to relate to a particular product or service. Consider the Green Giant ® products. Their packages are set in a white background with a famous green logo. Healthy Choice ® is another example of using green. Both products are trying to emulate freshness or healthfulness. Green does the job. Root beer is sold using packages created in brown shades. A&W ® is a perfect example, which uses brown and orange. .
             As with everything else these days, there have been numerous studies done on color. Here are some examples of the basics used today in ads or product development and what they mean:.
             Blue .
             It is a cool color that is extremely versatile going from the darker shade of midnight blue to the lighter of baby blue. All of which inspire us in so many different directions. We mentally associate it with sky, water and ice. A few years ago, the makers of "M&M 's-, an American candy which contains an assortment of different colored chocolate sweets, have added a new color to its candy bag: Blue.

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