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Alcohol Advertisement

             Have you ever just sat there and watched Monday night football, or even on a Friday night, watched your favorite NBA team crush the opposing team? While you watch the entertainment, shows are interfered with all types of advertisements. Alcohol ads such as Bud Lite, Miller Lite, Coors, etc, may have an effect on some viewers exposed to the alcohol commercials. Congress is on the movement to ban alcohol advertising from the broadcast media. Never the less will banning alcohol decrease the behavior of peer groups and yourself?.
             I believe the ban on alcohol advertisements would not do any good in today's society because people would be exposed to alcohol some other way than on the broadcast media. For an example, a person would see one another drinking alcohol on the streets or at special events. .
             Critics say alcohol commercials are mostly aimed towards the younger crowd of today's society. I believe advertisements for alcohol have already had an effect on young viewers today. Alcohol companies that broadcast their product by television, radio, or any other type of broadcast media, will lose millions of dollars of profit and productivity because alcohol commercials usually air during sport events and mainly during the time where they know young adults are watching. I think alcohol advertisements make it seem like drinking beer and wine makes events more fun and livelier. They also make it seem like drinking alcohol will make someone's appearance more attractive and appealing.
             Alcohol commercials on television consume most of its profits by relating its products to more of the "party" role and the "spending quality time with friends" role. This type of behavior might persuade young and old viewers and have a slight effect on their way of thinking and behavior. A couple commercials may have enough power to influence a viewer's mind to go out and purchase beer or wine because of what the viewer has seen on television.

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