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Gender Roles in Fragrance Advertisements

            Advertisements are all around us in society and can portray simple objects as fascinating merchandise that we feel the need to buy. In Susan Bordo's essay "Beauty (Re)discovers the Male Body," she discusses how men are characterized in advertisements as well as in society. Bordo expresses the need for advertisements to appeal to a large demographic of people so that the item will sell and companies with make a large profit. Advertisers can accomplish this by how the models present themselves in advertisements with body language, positioning, and where the attention of their eyes are. Looking at a few cologne and perfume adds for Gucci, Ralph Lauren, and Armani, I came to the realization that men and women are represented in the ads as sex symbols. When people view these ads, they immediately imagine.
             themselves in place of the man or woman being portrayed. They begin to think that by wearing the perfume or cologne it will make them a more attractive, confident human being. This idea may be true for some, but does put men and women's self-esteems at stake.
             In the young adult culture, society has changed the way they see male bodies and how men should perceive themselves. Bordo explains how this idea is prevalent in advertisements throughout her essay. For the longest time, only women have been seen as sex objects in society, but it wasn't until recently that men were seen in the same way. Advertisements promoting cologne, underwear, and clothing, were a breakthrough for this masculine sexual culture. Bordo touches on the subject that sex sells. Calvin Klein discovered this to be true; he knew that rock-hard, athletic male bodies would sell to gay men, women, and even straight men. A gay man may find the model attractive and therefore want to purchase the item. A woman might see the ad and get the idea that if she were to buy the item being advertised,.
             for her significant other, he may become sexier or more attractive.

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