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Gender and the American Dream

            Advertising is used to catch the eye of a member of the public. All advertisements share the same goal; to sell their product. The ad sends messages and emotions to the potential buyer of the product. There are many methods of advertising which can include radio advertisements, TV, commercials and posters. When these methods of advertising are created, adequate consideration is put into the layout, color scheme and choice of words used in the advertisement. This is an attempt to try and influence members of the public to buy the product. Two advertisement posters have been chosen to be compared and deconstructed to demonstrate the techniques used in these advertisements. The Calvin Klein ad and the Gucci ad are effective because of who their target audience is, how the ad sells their product, and their effective use of who the model represents.
             The Calvin Klein ad and Gucci ad are effective because of who their target audience is. Both the ads share similarities and differences in which techniques they use. The two advertisements are attempting to sell sensual Cologne and a vibrant Perfume. Although the two advertisements are selling different brands of Fragrances they both have the same target audience. The target audiences for the advertisement are directed toward the middle aged men and women because more sexual and seductive men and women would be more interested to buy. These advertisements are attempting to influence people in the higher society whom of which can afford the higher quality of products. Men and women who tend to buy the higher quality of product feel more happy and vibrant. These types of products are more advertised because of their popular name brand and are preferred most. Due to their target audience these ads would be found in common women magazines such as Allure, Cosmopolitan, and Latina magazines. These type of ads are advertised in these magazines because of the different variety of women who mostly buy perfume and cologne.

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