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Gender in Advertising, the American Dream of Blacks and Karl

            The three main concepts I would like to write about are gender in advertising, the American dream of blacks (according to W.E.B. DuBois) and Karl Marx's theory of class division. Those three ideas made me see and understand the world differently.
             From the first concept I have learned that when we talk about gender in advertisement it especially concerns woman. According to the movie Killing Us Softly3 the women are shown in different ways than men. For example the women are often passive and their body is used as an object to sell a product (a woman's body is turned into a bottle of bear). Some times women are presented as if they were little girls (young and innocent). On the other hand men are presented as explorers, active, strong and dominating. I think that gender especially, women, appears to be the best way to sell a product.
             Another thing that I have learned from the sociology class is about the American dream of black people. According to W.E.B. DuBois, white people used to consider blacks as a lower race. Therefore, the black people had to struggle for their rights. "To be black and American" - it was their biggest dream (DuBois calls it "the double consciousness") and after many years of fighting they finally found freedom and equality.
             The last thing I would like to write about is Karl Marx's Theory of class division. Marx said that we can split our society into two groups. One group called "bourgeoisie" was wealthy and powerful. The other, called "proletariat" was exploited by the upper class (bourgeoisie). People from the lowest class had to work very hard in the worst conditions just to earn some money for food.
             Those three concepts which I have described made me look on the world from a different perspective. For instance when I see an advertisement I start to wonder about the way that it shows women. Another thing is that I have learned about the social situations of other people.

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