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Tobacco Advertisements To Teens

             Everyday we are exposed to vivid advertisements of tobacco products as we go to work, look up in the sky, or read a magazine. We constantly are bombarded with tobacco companies shouting sales lines or advertising why their product is the one we should buy. The average person may come across hundreds of these advertisements in a single day whether they realize it or not. Magazines remain the most influential place where companies saturate page after page of colorful advertising. When they catch the eye of the consumer, they sink the hook and reel them in. But a question one may ask is, "Why do these companies place ads in young adult magazines and target those who are underage?".
             Details was a hot 90's magazine created for the fashion and music oriented teenager to young adult. Featured articles include many stories of fashion that showcase the best of the best. They portray young models that look very good in the latest fashions. Whether it is Tommy Hilfiger Jeans, Drakkar perfume, or Paul Mitchell styling products, this magazine is fashion oriented. Another large portion of the magazine is related to music. Whether it is the latest in rock groups, music reviews, or new songs, this was definitely a really hot magazine to check out. Along with these topics the magazine encompasses a broad range of hobbies and interests from sports, to dating, to sex and health. It also expands on relationships, movies, fitness, and book reviews. All of these are geared toward the young adult. So why are these tobacco companies placing their ads in a fashion and music oriented magazine?.
             The first ad, by Merit, is quite an eye catcher. First of all it jumps out at you because it is a two-page spread. In the middle left of both of the pages lies a guy with blue jeans and a shirt just smiling away. In the middle of the spread lies the words "Merit Awards", in white and gold letters. Oh yeah, and by the way the guy smiling just happens to be holding a cigarette.

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