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Tobacco Advertisement

            At 17, many young adults are reaching their physical peak This has a tendency to cause a feeling of invincibility, which includes reasoning that they have ultimate control over the potential addiction to cigarettes. The risk of addiction to cigarettes, however, is highly underestimated. In fact, the use of tobacco products may be the nations most critical public health problem. Why should such a downfall to our future and society be advertised? Do you turn on your television or look to a billboard, to see a advertisement for suicide.
             Nicotene is the ingredient in tobacco to which people become addicted. A smoker takes in about 0.05 milligram to 2 milligrams of nicotene per cigarette. The nicotene is quickly absorbed into the blood and reaches the brain within eight seconds after inhalation. Nicotene is an alkaloid. An alkaloid contains carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen. Alkaloids may be considered a posion. A Large Intake of Nicotene can result in death, it is a poison.
             Cigarettes are very dangerous to your health. Many studies have been held, that prove the danger smoking cigarette's can have on your health. For Example; Between 1961-1970, 784 male lung cancer patients were interviewed by an insignificant study group. 2% were none smokers. 4% were pure pipe and/or cigar smokers, and 94% had predominately smoked cigarettes. Another study was held where the results should that out of 1529 cases of lung cancer, 85%(1298) were cigarette smokers.
             Not only do cigarettes drastically increase your chances of lung cancer, but just one single cigarette can affect the hearts function. A recent study at the Brody School of Medicine of East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina, discovered that cigarettes indeed cause changes in the left ventricle function- the heart's key pumping chamber.
             Cigarette's are a drug. D.A.R.E, and many other clubs, and antismoking commercials do try to prevent young teenagers or children from smoking.

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