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The Influences of Smoking Adve

            The Influences of Smoking Advertisements on Youth and.
             the Influences of Youth on Smoking Advertisements.
             In the past 100 years of American history, tobacco.
             use has been glamorized in countless numbers of.
             advertisements. The so-called "smoker's lifestyle" has.
             become some kind of sub-culture that attracts thousands.
             of people, mainly teens (Carol, 1988), everyday. .
             Although the well-informed general public know, for a.
             fact, that smoking causes cancer, people still smoke. .
             The decision that marked Joe Camel as an unhealthy teen.
             icon was the first step in big tobacco companies.
             admitting that cigarettes are unhealthy (Jacobson,.
             2001). .
             Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations are.
             in the process of limiting cigarette magazine.
             advertisements to only "tombstone advertisements":.
             plain black and white advertisements that contain no.
             graphics or imagery. The purpose of this legislation.
             was to abolish advertising that linked cigarette.
             smoking to attractive lifestyles and models, as well as.
             terminate the use of characters such as Joe Camel that.
             might be especially appealing to children (Kelly,.
             1998). .
             So what makes smokers want to smoke? In a recent.
             study (Zinser, 1994) it was discovered that the main.
             influences of smoking are parents, peers and print.
             advertisements. Since cigarette advertisements are.
             omnipresent in almost all printable media outlets, they.
             are considered to have the most influential power. The.
             important question is not whether Big Tobacco would.
             influence teens if it could, but what are the effects.
             of cigarette advertisements on youth?.
             Review of Literature.
             Advertising has always influenced the.
             consumption of certain products. In this case,.
             cigarettes are advertised in several different ways:.
             people are encouraged to take up the habit, prevented.
             from smoking cessation and ex-smokers are encouraged to.
             start the habit again. Of all consumer products,.
             cigarettes are one of the most heavily advertised and.

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