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Women in Commercials - AXE Advertising

             "Clean Your Balls AXE Advertisement".
             The use of sexual appeals in advertising is increasingly prevalent in today's society. Women of our society are specific targets in these types of genre in everyday advertisement. Women are conditioned into dressing in a provocative manner revealing displays of various body parts of the women anatomy such as; the breast, thighs, legs, and behind. If you're in denial about this you clearly haven't paid attention to advertisements like the low-rider magazine, burger king commercials, herbal essence, and the most popular one of them all, the AXE commercials. In all of these advertisement institutions that I previously listed I will elaborate on how women are being portrayed in this advertisement over sexuality, stereotypes, and image. I will focus more towards a specific AXE commercial that has several sexual components involved. As a man I personally feel that women shouldn't be degraded for men's satisfaction. In this blog I hope that women can understand that there are males in this society that don't feel that they should be demoralize because of the way society operates. .
             I decided to analyze this Axe commercial titled, "Clean Your Balls" for my rhetorical analysis because it has multiple components throughout the commercial that represents sexuality. "Clean Your Balls" is essentially a satire on a typical home shopping commercial in which two attractive spokeswomen, Denise and Monica, educate men on the importance of keeping and maintaining clean "equipment." Just a little history about AXE, AXE is a brand that produces hygiene products geared towards heterosexual men, including body wash, deodorant and body spray.¬†AXE's marketing campaign involves commercials that have a repetitive theme involving an attractive woman that is dirty minded or being perpetuated as promiscuous sexual objects for heterosexual men.

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