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            The Truth about Sex in Advertisements.
             Advertisements depict sexual scenarios to sell their products through the television and places where the public is sure to find them. These companies generate huge incomes associated from having "sex" in their advertisements for various products. How does the idea of "sex" sell and why do these companies dominate the world of advertisements? Does sex in advertisements affect the youth of the nation and spread disease, create more teen pregnancies, or does it simply make the youth aware of what sex is and about? How does Advertising play an important role in the pricing of the items they are selling?.
             Victoria's Secret, Coors Light, Herbal Essence, Fcuk, T-Mobil, Abercrombie & Fitch, L"Oreal, Axe body sprays, and Versace just to name a few use sexual depictions in their advertisements to sell their products. By using sexual situations in these ads they are trying to get the consumers to purchase with the thought that you will be rewarded with sex for using their product. Fcuk, a clothing company, stands for French Connection of the United Kingdom. But when the magazine article has a good looking female model holding a bottle and the letters FCUK written it implies sex. .
             These advertisements can be found every where you look. Magazines are a perfect example. Pick up a cosmopolitan and you will find advertisements for make-up to oil for your car. The television is a marketplace for selling air time thirty seconds at a time. T.V. advertisements are usually really expensive and only go up in value. The commercials as they are called usually do not show nudity but they do have sex written all over them. A new television ad, the Coors light commercials, a guy sings a short catchy song with the guys in the video with hot girls all around him. In the video there are female twins. Since the song the commercial guy sang was catching on with the youth everyone likes twins and wants to hang out with them, now Coors light is supporting the new film that the girls are in by having a contest to go to the movies with the "Coors Light twins.


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